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Five Avoidable Lies

Father Richard Rohr once described five essential truths:

  • Life is hard.
  • Your life is not about you.
  • You are not in control.
  • You are not that important.
  • You are going to die.

If those are the essential truths that set us free, then these must be the avoidable lies that trap us:

  • Life should be easy.
  • My life is only about me.
  • I am in control.
  • I am all important.
  • I am not going to die.

I recently read an article about the psychology of evil. The author defined evil as something that disintegrates or tears apart:

We are the primary progenitors of evil: we not only define it…we wittingly or unwittingly create and perpetuate it.

How often do the we tell ourselves one of these avoidable lies? How do these lies wittingly (or unwittingly) create and perpetuate evil–that is, how do they destroy and tear apart rather than create and unify?


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