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Exotic Evangelization

I love Jesus. I also love pole dancers. But the latter often lead me from the Way of the former. My experiences with pole dancers have invariably been followed the next day by the words, “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

But not anymore!

Thanks to Crystal Dean, going to church suddenly became a lot more fun! Going to Heavenly Bodies is now, quite literally, heavenly!

I am amazed at the masks we put on to fool ourselves, to attach meaning to our thoughts, words, and actions. Such mental gymnastics require the flexibility and core strength of an exotic dancer. Even more amazing is the attempt we make to sanctify actions by adding the phrase “for Jesus.” Raking leaves is a chore; but raking leaves for Jesus becomes an encounter with God. Killing puppies is evil, but  if I kill puppies for Jesus, somehow, that makes it OK. Dropping acid can expand your horizons; but if you drop acid for Jesus, well, then, we are talking about the Transfiguration.

Perhaps I am thinking about this all wrong; after all, I bet pole dancing will raise more money than bingo.

Our search for meaning leads us to interesting places indeed. I will ponder this as I go to Church and get a Lap Dance for the Lord.

Let us praise the Lord with a hymn!


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  1. […] game, He probably would have said, “seven teeth for a hockey puck.”) And if someone can pole dance for Jesus, can’t I watch hockey for […]

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