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It Takes Two…

Absurdity results from the conflict between the effort to attach meaning to the meaningless. But when you take the meaningful and make it meaningless, that’s called politics.

Take, for example, the competing claims between President Obama and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The President stated during a March 11 press conference that “[oil] imports have accounted for less than half of what we consume.” Two days later, on Fox News Sunday, Sen. McConnell stated that “60% of our oil is coming from overseas.” They can’t both be right…

…or can they?

Both men were referring to the Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy Review for February 2011. And, sure enough, Sen McConnell is right–the average monthly imports for 2010 was over 60% (61.2%, to be exact). But in the next column–the column for average net imports–the total was 49.3%. So the President was right, too!

Congratulations, Mr. President and Sen. McConnell! Through your cooperative efforts, you have taken the undisputed facts of the EIA’s figures, put them in the test tubes of ideology, spun them around the centrifuge of  partisanship, and separated them from any meaning.

For such teamwork, I am proud to announce that the two of you have received a nomination for a “Stony” Award!

And who says  bipartisanship is dead?


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