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The Week in Review

I should have jumped out of the way. My feet slipped out from underneath me as I neared the summit of the mountain, and the stone rumbled towards the plain so far below.

Picking myself up and dusting off the the dirt and wiping off the sweat, blood, and grime, I began my downward trek to resume my task. This is the point where Sisyphus would be happy. I am, at best, ambivalent.

As I trudged down the mountainside, I came up with several more rules for surviving the corporate world–Rules 10a and 10b, and Rules 17-20. I only wish I had discovered them before I got to the top of the mountain and the boulder steamrolled over me.

The stone waited patiently, mocking my vanity. I spit on my hands and rubbed them together. Pushing my palms into the stone, I pressed my shoulders against the cold gray rock. My muscles strained, sweat began to bead on my brow and stream into my eyes. The stone budged. I dug in my feet and pushed harder. Slowly, ever so slowly, the stone rolled, and we began our upward trek.

I thought of Rule #19: Always bring a bag of quarters. Insert a coin start a new game. This time, if I lean my back into the stone, maybe the result will be different…


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