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Winnie the Pooh and the Walking Cactus

Winnie the Pooh marched around the tree where the Woozle wasn’t, humming a little hum:

“Is it coming or going?
There’s no way of knowing.
A worm or spider?
I wish I had some cider.

“Is it a worm or a cactus?
Its appearance sure baffles.

“Thinking, for this bear,
is not very fair.
And on my little brain
Thinking is quite a strain.

“Is it a worm or a cactus?
Its appearance sure baffles.

Lobopodian is too a big word
for this bear to have heard.
I’ll just call it Diania,
Another hallucigenia.

“Is it a worm or a cactus?
Its appearance sure baffles.”

Pooh stopped, and rubbed his belly. “Oh, bother. All this marching and humming has made my tummy angry. I must remember, that before beginning a hunt, I should ask someone just what it is I’m hunting.” And so Pooh resumed marching around the tree, humming his hum:

“Is it a worm or a cactus?
Its appearance sure baffles…”

Rabbit came rushing by, pushing a wheelbarrow full of carrots freshly plucked from his garden. Upon seeing Pooh march around a tree, Rabbit stopped and rested the wheelbarrow on the narrow path. He placed his paws on his hips and, and his ears stood at attention.

“Now, Pooh Bear,” began Rabbit, “please tell me you are not hunting Woozles again.”

“Oh, hello Rabbit,” said Pooh. ” No, I am searching for the Walking Cactus of Yunnan to tell it that it was nominated for a Sisyphus Award. But I can’t seem to find it, for a forest seems an un-cactus like place for a cactus to be walking.”

Rabbit’s ears fell. “Pooh,” he asked, resting his head in his paws, “has that crack-head Tigger been dealing you your ‘pot of honey’ again?”


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