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Two Weeks in a Row!

March 7, 20011

HADES (March 7, 20011)–The Nominating Committee for the Sisyphus Awards announced today that Bob Burnham of Bartlett, IL has been nominated for the March 13, 2011 Sisyphus Award for his actions at Zylstra Harley Davidson in St. Charles, Illinois. This is Mr. Burnham’s second nomination.

Mr. Burnham’s righteous indignation at being excluded from an upcoming Women’s Garage Night was a moment that truly reflected a bizarre moment which left the Nominating Committee wondering in unanimity, “What the <EXPLETIVE>?!?!”

The Women’s Garage Night will offer women motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to check out the latest bikes–such as the Superlow XL883–motorcycle maintenance and repair tips, as well as manicures, massages, and wine tasting.

When told of his nomination, Mr. Burnham was somewhat surprised. “What’s wrong with wanting to get my nails trimmed and a massage? Screw the motorcycles, that’s Cathy’s thing; I just want to go for the wine!”

His wife Cathy, commented, “Have you seen his finger nails? He really does need a manicure. I really wish they were offering pedicures too!”

Each week, the Nominating Committee selects several nominees for a Sisyphus Award. The winner is then selected by popular vote from among the nominees. The Nominating Committee would like to wish Mr. Burnham the best of luck when the polls open later this week.


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