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The Annoying Sage

We all have certain talents.

The tricky part is in distinguishing the talents we have from the talents we desire. A wise person, then, finds her talents, and then embraces and nourishes them. She is not only wise, but happy. A miserable person is someone who chases talents he does not have. He lets his natural talents wither and die. To be sure, he may gather a lot of knowledge, but he will never learn understanding. A wretched person chases after talents for which he has little or no aptitude. He is like a dog chasing its own tail–if he catches it, he bites himself; otherwise, he’ll just get dizzy and fall down (or run into a piece of furniture).

It follows, then, that the key to happiness is knowing yourself well enough to understand where your true talents lie and having the discipline to not chase after those talents for which you are ill suited.

So, what are my talents?

I like to challenge people’s perception of the world–a perception they have created for themselves that is based more on illusion than fact. I like to tear off the shrouds that veil one’s true nature. I reject the “reality” people try to impose on others by providing them with the sage instruction: “You are but an appearance, and not absolutely the thing you appear to be.” And I also have a knack for helping people expand themselves. I push them to the limits of their patience and endurance. Thus, through my talents, I help people grow in the virtues of fortitude and temperance.

That’s right: I am annoying, although I prefer to think of myself as “amusingly thought-provoking” or “cleverly inspiring introspection.”


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