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Super Bowl XLV

I really have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to sports.

I don’t play fantasy football, so I don’t know the statistics of individual players or the rankings of this team’s pass offense versus that team’s run defense. I seldom read the sports section or listen to sports radio, so I don’t know anything about the flaws inherent in the Tampa 2 defense or how Jay Cutler’s lack of playoff experience will hurt the Bears in their run-up to the Super Bowl.

No, I know none of these things. But most sports writers don’t know what they are writing about either, so I will not let ignorance stop me from making predictions. So, here are my picks for Super Bowl XLV:

I am intrigued by the prospect of an avian Super Bowl, which would mean the Seahawks or Falcons vs. the Ravens. Sorry Jets’ fans, but just because a jet can fly does not make it a bird. But since the only good bird is a fried bird, and a fried raven would most likely result in a trip to the emergency room, I am going to pass on the avian theme this year.

So, that leaves either the Bears or Packers versus the Steelers or Patriots. Of all the possibilities, I have to pick the Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. I love the theme of this match-up: There is still a need for labor unions in the United States, and a Packers-Steelers Super Bowl would highlight the plight of the industrial worker in the United States and the continued need of a union for all workers.

Workers of the world, unite!


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