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The Inflatable Arms Race

President Barack Hussein Obama  is continuing to put our national security at risk.

First, it was New START. This President and his infantile Administration fail to realize that we must release the Beast, not bury it.

Second, it was the injunction ordered by Judge Virginia Phillips, effectively ending the Pentagon’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Don’t bother me with minor details, such as the fact that the Administration actually defended the policy and argued for Judge Phillips to issue a stay on her ruling. We cannot let the the niceties of logic dictate our national security policy.

Now, the Obama Administration is letting a Balloon Gap emerge between the Russian Army and the United States Armed Forces. What the Russian Army lacks in firepower, they have made up with flexibility. They can deploy their inflatable forces anywhere and anytime. From tanks to rocket launchers to radar installations, the Russian Army is building a sizable gap of hot air that threatens the U.S.

And what has the U.S. have to counter this going threat? Mr. Potato Head.

We have plenty of hot air, now we just need the material to end this impending threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of haughtiness.


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