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An Open Letter to Stephanie Miller

Dear Ms. Miller:

Our country is at a critical crossroads in its history. Never before has our nation been so divided. Never before has our country failed to reach consensus on matters so vital to the development of a healthy society, such as the role of the federal government, fiscal policy, foreign affairs, and social policy. These divisions that are tearing our nation apart have resulted in a lack of honest political discourse.

A New Civil War is being fought not on the battlefields in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, but rather, this Great Conflagration is fought on radio and TV. It is being fought on the editorial pages of major newspapers and in the blogosphere. The casualties of this War are not counted in the number of the honored dead who have given their lives in the name of Liberty. The great casualties of this War are Truth and Justice.

As a man of peace, I implore you to do your part in sowing unity where there is discord. In interest of establishing a new era peace and prosperity, I beg you to get it on with Anne Coulter.

It is your duty to this nation, Ms. Miller, that you sacrifice yourself and have a night of hot, unbridled (or bridled, if your are into that sort of thing) lesbian action with Ms. Coulter.

Ms. Miller, please be a Patriot. The nation, Ms. Coulter, and just about every man (and even, I suspect, most women) would forever be indebted to such selfless sacrifice.

“Make love, not war,” continues to be a rallying cry for those opposed to war. Please remember these words in considering my humble plea.

Sincerely Yours,

R. Claire Burnham

P.S. Don’t forget to distribute a video of such an engagement; perhaps Andrew Breitbart could prove to be of some assistance in this regard.


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