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Blowing Rogue

Politicians are nothing more than prostitutes who whore themselves out for campaign contributions. It seems that, in these times, the main function of the President of the United States is to solicit money for the incumbent political party; he is the Prostitute-in-Chief.

Consider the etymology of the word pornography: porno- derives from the Greek word for prostitution; –graphy derives from the Greek word for “I write” or “I record.” Thus, pornography means “a written description or illustration of prostitutes or prostitution.”

Politics, then, is pornography. Which gave me a great idea for a politically based porno: Blowing Rogue.

The flick begins with a young debutante beginning her career as a contributing political analyst for a conservative news program. For obvious reasons, she becomes extremely popular with the power brokers of an entrenched political party. (I’ll let your sick, perverted imagination fill in the sordid details.) The movie progresses from one scene to another, where our our debutante-turned-politician┬árises to the top of a crowded field of rivals. The flick culminates at a “Tea-Bagger” Rally, where she wins the nomination of her party (by being the best damn tea-bagger of them all!).

Let’s face it: We’ve been watching politicians fuck us over our entire lives. I think it’s time we might as well get some pleasure out of it!


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