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The Fart Heard Across the Universe

Flatulence is apparently an astronomical phenomenon. The BBC reported a story about a black hole blowing out streams of gas.

That sounds like a fart to me.

Who would have ever imagined that black holes farted? The opportunities for hilarity are simply out of this world. The jokes just write themselves:

  • This brings a new understanding of the Big Bang theory.
  • That must have been one hell of a burrito!
  • You can’t blame that one on the dog!
  • Pull my finger!

And the list goes on and on. Of course, the astronomers who discovered the farting black hole failed to capitalize on the humor. Rather, they focus on quantifying the energy released by the black hole and measuring the length of the escaping streams of gas. Even that is funny!

I wonder what the black hole’s designation is? I think Uncle Bob would be a great name.

This story has inspired me. I think I will have a bean burrito and measure how far the streams of gas emanating from my black hole will stretch.

The jokes just keep on coming and coming…


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