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The Games of the Commuter Olympiad

Hello. My name is Bob and I am an Olympoholic.

I’ve watched every preliminary hockey game, men’s and women’s. I’ve recorded all the short track events and replay them over and over, trying to figure out how Apolo Ohno stays upright. I’ve even watched 3-minute highlights of biathlon.

And I love curling. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve stayed up until 4 A.M. to watch men and women slide shiny rocks along a sheet of ice. It fascinates me.

I woke up this morning with a vision, a dream that must be fulfilled: to host the first ever Commuter Olympiad!

We could have teams representing the all the different train lines–the Milwaukee District West Line, the Union Pacific North Line, the Rock Island District, the Metra Electric District–compete for medals (monthly passes made of gold, silver, and bronze). Some of the events could include

  • Moguls: Competitors race along the platform to board the train. They have to dodge obstacles (slow moving commuters) along the course, and then perform a trick as they climb aboard the train. Scores are based on the time to complete the course (25%), and the level of difficulty of the trick (75%). Colliding with an obstacle results in a deduction from your total score.
  • Commuter Cross: This would be a head-to-head race between commuters, from their seat to their car. The race starts when the doors open at the station. The first one to leave the parking lot wins.
  • Curling: Competitors stand where they think the train will glide to a stop. The competitor closest to the point where the doors open scores a point. Different stations constitute different “ends.” The team with the highest point total at the end of the line wins.

What events do you think we should include in the inaugural Games of the Commuter Olympiad? Share you ideas by clicking on the Comment button below.


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