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State of the Commute

Inspired by President Obama’s State of the Union address, I decided to follow his lead and issue one of my own.

“My Fellow Commuters:

“I come before you on this cold, January morning to give you information about the state of our commute. There have been times when the train has been on schedule, and times when seats have been plentiful. Indeed, there have been times when Metra is truly the only way to really fly.

“It is tempting to look back on these moments and think that we will stay aloft forever. But when switching problems cause delays along the  Milwaukee District West line, or when the heat does not work properly on the coach, the timeliness and comfort of our commute is anything but certain. These were times that tested our convictions in public transportation.

“Again, we are tested with delays and heavy passenger loads. We are faced with fare increases, and continually challenged with outdated infrastructure.

“But now is not a time to abandon the rails. There is reason for hope: In the past year, Metra has redesigned and launched a new Web site. Metra is now accepting credit cards at all downtown stations, and, beginning in February, credit cards will be accepted at all other manned stations!

“The spirit that drives us commuters to spend hours upon hours on the rails perseveres in spite of inevitable adversity. Now is not the time to complain about people saving seats, clipping their nails, or talking too loudly on their cell phones. A new year has come for us to put aside our divisions–rush hour commuter vs. tourist, Cubs fan vs. Sox fan–but to come together and strengthen our union once more.

“Thank you and God bless our commute.”

So tell me: How is the state of your commute? Let me know by clicking the Comment button below.


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