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Commuters are creatures of habit. That is, we are trained.

We know precisely where the train will stop at our platform; we call the conductors by name; we have our preferred seats; we know exactly when to get out of our seats and take our place in the queue to exit the train.

For example, every day, I perform the same ritual: I sit down in the same seat (unless some tourist purloined it) and place my backpack between my legs. I then search my coat pockets for my elusive train pass, and begin cursing loudly when I cannot find it. Remembering that my pass is not in my coat pocket, but in my backpack, I then fish it out and display it with great relief.

Deviations from these habits usually portend that my universe is out of balance: If I remember my pass is in my backpack and not my coat pocket, I probably forgot to pay the parking meter; if my pass is in my coat pocket (instead of the backpack), I probably forgot my cell phone.

What are some of your habits? How do you feel when you stray from your normal routine? Share your tale by clicking the Comment button below.


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