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Metra coaches make excellent caves in which bears can hibernate for the winter.

At least, that’s what it sounded like yesterday morning.

Morning trains can be very peaceful and quiet. People read the morning paper; others get a head start on stemming the flood of e-mails that will wash away their productivity. And some of us try to get a few extra minutes of sleep.

But that peace and quiet is often disturbed by coughing, the obnoxious cell phone call, and, of course, snoring.

You have different types of snores: snorts, whistles, wheezing, and the deep-throated rumble of the grizzly bear (which will actually cause people to find another seat).

What kind of snores have you heard on the train? What kind of bears have you seen hibernating on the train? Click on the Comment button below and share your story.

A word of caution, however: never try to wake up a hibernating bear. The results can be gruesome.


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