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A Bad Week for the 4:50

This has been a bad week for the 4:50 P.M. Milwaukee District West line train.

On Monday, it broke down, causing all the outbound rush-hour trains to back up from Schaumburg to Franklin Park. On Thursday, it struck a vehicle at York Road in Bensenville.  All sevice on the line was interrupted for several hours.

The 4:50 was an unlucky train indeed.

Trains are like people: They have good days, they have bad days. Each train has its own distinct personality determined by the number of stops it makes, the people who ride it, and the conductors who lurch through the aisles. I describe my favorite train in my latest story, Serenity.

What’s the personality of your train like? Click on the Comment button below and describe your favorite, or least favorite, train.


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