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Cram It!

“Won’t you please just be quiet!”

Every morning, we hear the same woman yell into her cell phone, disturbing the general peace of the morning coach. Finally someone had the guts to tell her to cram it!

I wish it had been me.

But I am a coward. I want to ask the people who extend their feet across the railing on the upper level  if they can read.

“Why?” I imagine them asking.

“Because,” would be my answer, “it says ‘Please keep your feet on the floor’ right in front of you!”

But again, I am a coward.

Have you ever enforced the rules of common etiquette that make the Metra a civilized mode of transportation? Or have you witnessed someone enforcing those rules? Click on the Comment button below, and share your tale of moral courage.

Perhaps it will give me the fortitude to correct those who violate our customs and lawas that make Metra different from the average CTA commute.


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