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Power Failure

The train pulls into Franklin Park, and sits for a moment or two. Two moments become three, and three moments become four.

Then the lights go out. The fans stop blowing. All becomes still and quiet.

“Uh oh.”

“What’s wrong?” asks the person sitting next to me.

I explain my concern: “This is what happens right before an alien rips open the roof of the train and butchers us all!”

“Yeah, right.”

“He’s right,” adds the concerned gentleman in front of us, turning around in his seat so he can address us face to face. “Haven’t you ever seen Predator 2?”

While we were not attacked by an alien hunter that day, I’m sure many commuters have equally horrific tales of being stuck on a train for hours in the midsummer heat. (After which, I’m sure they would have preferred the quick death at the hands of the Predator’s plasma rifle.)

What was your worst experience on a train that suffered a breakdown? Click on the Comment button and share your tale of woe.


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