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Train Toots

My wife has gotten in on the act.

We took Metra Downtown for the Festival of Lights this past weekend. My wife is a tourist–someone who only takes the train on rare occasions and is unfamiliar with the customs of us regular commuters who take the train every day.

She was full of observations. So, I gave her my pen and notebook, and asked her to write down her thoughts, which included the following “toots:” 

  • Where are the cup holders?
  • There should be a dark car. (That is, a car where the lights are dimmed so she can sleep.)
  • They should bring back the bar car! (Which I found fascinating, since she has never been in the bar car before.)
  • We’re screwed if we need to bail while sitting on the upper level. (I familiarized her with the location of the emergency exits; this made her feel better.)
  • Train coma (I have know idea what she means by this.)
  • Would you rather lick a handle of a dumbell or hold on to the metal rail on a metal car? (That’s just gross.)

Tourists indeed say the funniest things. What are some of the funniest observations you’ve heard tourists make while traveling the rails of Metra?

Click on the Comment button below and share similar toots you’ve heard from tourists.


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