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What’s So Funny?

I could hear them laughing through the vestibule, and I had to see what was so funny.

There they were,  the three of them, erupting with raucous laughter. Her laughter, which had been gestating deep within her for some time, finally came to term, and she gave birth to an infectious laugh which spread to her friend. Her friend, now impregnated with this seed of  jocularity, almost spit out the beer she had been nursing. The progenitor of all this hilarity, a man in a tired suit, continued with his zany antics. Their laughter dominated the entire coach.

There was only one problem: He wasn’t funny.

Metra is full of comedians. Unfortunately, too many of them are not funny.

Do you have a tale of someone who is hilarious in his or her own mind? Better still, do you have a story in which a would-be comic was confronted with the ugly truth that he or she was just not funny?

Click Comment below to share your tale from the commute.


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